A Conversation With God

I  was coordinating an event a film festival in town and we had some weird security issues (the director, main actor had a stalker who was going to show up (and did show up) and we were told to keep him out of the theater. 

So that happened — quickly, pretty painlessly, but it totally put me on edge. 

So about 30 minutes into the film (I was outside because we were having issues with the projector), this man came into the theater. 
He said, “Is the event tonight?” and I said, “Yep!” and he said, “Good, because I am supposed to be here.” And I said, “Oh, are you with the film festival? do you know the director?” and he said —- “No. I’m God.” I was taken aback, but asked him to repeat himself which he did adding — “The sign says I should be here.” (The name of the film had God in it). 

So he asked to come in, but because of the security breach earlier, I didnt feel comfortable. I felt terrible, because never in my life did I ever want to be prejudice against someone because of “mental illness” — or because they are god

So I chatted with him, ended up telling him that I couldnt let him in because we had “reached capacity” with seating. 
He said, “funny, the guys at the comedy club said the same thing.”
And I almost started to cry.
So I kept talking with him — mostly he talked, and very fast. 
Eventually he said, “You know, I’ve spent my whole life listening to other people, and no ever takes the time to listen to me.” My heart broke. So I smiled and said very carefully, “I will listen to you. You wanna tell me your story? Here is my business card. You can call me or email me anytime and we can meet for tea and you can tell me your story.” He took it. 
He said, “Whoah, a business card! great!” and then I excused myself. 

The weirdest part is the whole time while I made eye contact with him, I never once thought he was crazy. I thought he was an actor, actually. Someone playing a part, someone with a hidden camera, or studying for role. But I simply couldnt tell. 
So who knows, maybe this guys really was God. Either way, he has my business card. 

~Sarah S.