Southern Hospitality

Austin, Texas.

We played a show at Lovejoy’s. The next morning I was hungover, sleep deprived and had 8 dollars to my name. I go to the nearest gas station by our hotel. Grab an energy drink and ask for a pack of smokes. The girl behind the counter is listening to really loud rap, its cool, I like rap. She says “that’ll be 7.50” I pull my money out of my pocket, its only 3 dollars! “Oh no” I think, I must have spent it on tacos, now I’ll be smokeless in Texas. An older woman taps me on the shoulder… “excuse me sir, you dropped this” She hands me my five dollar bill. I’m ecstatic! “Thank you so much!” I say, and hand the cashier the money. The girl replies “Welcome to Austin, hope you enjoy your stay” And I did enjoy my stay, very much. Kind strangers down there.

-Bothe K