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Kindness Captured!

American Bear and Guerilla Goodness are collaborating to bring you Kindness Captured: A Day of Bravery and Kindness in Syracuse, Richmond, New York City and Dallas. (This link leads you to the Syracuse page.)

All around the city we will be placing Kindness Kits — complete with a draw your own mission envelope, the props you need to complete the missions, instructions, and a disposable camera to document your adventure. 

You show up, with a friend or two in tow, follow the directions and have an amazing time. 

All you need to bring is $5 (some of the missions require a bit of change), yourself and an adventurous spirit. If you want to show people the amazing things you are doing in real time, we recommend a cell phone or digital camera — disposable photos take some time to develop. 

You can find out more about American Bear and Guerrilla Goodness here:



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