Share Some Kindness

Here are some great ideas to spread kindness yourself — they’re a lot of fun, and guaranteed to spice up your day and spread some smiles.

1- Colorful sticky note adventures! — Write 10 positive messages on colorful pieces of paper. Draw a picture, jot down your favorite joke, or something as simple as “I hope you’re having a beautiful day.” Place them anywhere a stranger might find them — inside a book on the bestseller table, in the sleeve of a coffee cup, on someone’s door…

2- Is it your favorite holiday? — Make some fun decorations — snowflakes, hearts, four leave clovers, ghosts, etc. and decorate a stranger’s space, or public space.

3- “Ding-dong ditch” with kindness (from our friend, Patience Salgado at Guerilla Goodness) — create a care package for a stranger and leave it on their door step!

4- Ask someone sitting alone to tell you their story.

5- Make a mix CD, a treasure map, a friendship bracelet, or anything crafty/creative  and leave it behind — or pass it directly to a stranger.

Want more ideas? Check out the main American Bear Facebook page and Twitter for weekly missions in kindness — and post your own ideas on this site or by emailing!